In addition to the prices and policies accepted at the time a reservation is made, we provide these general policies.

Gift Certificates 

Gift certificates can be purchased in any dollar amount and are validated by assignment of a unique discount code. 

If you are in receipt of a gift certificate, provide the code on the gift certificate during the online reservation process. When the reservation system calculates the room rate for the desired period, the face amount of the gift certificate will be deducted from the appropriate room rate.

Privacy Policy 

We intend to collect and retain your contact data solely to analyze the effectiveness of The Cheesemaker’s Inn marketing plan. Your contact data will not be shared or sold to outside agencies for external marketing purposes.

We may use the data to contact you prior to the anniversary of your stay with us.  We may also use this data to return any lost or left behind items known to belong to our guests.

Should we use any notes you’ve left us as testimonials, we’ll only attribute them by first name(s), hometown and state.

Lost and Found Policy 

The Cheesemaker’s Inn will maintain a lost and found box for items discovered left behind by our guests. Items placed in the lost and found box will be retained for a minimum of 3 months before being considered abandoned. 

All abandoned items become the property of The Cheesemaker’s Inn. Financial instruments, cash, and/or credit card items will require unique positive identification by their owner prior to return.

The Cheesemaker Inn staff will return any identified items to their owners standard USPS priority mail at an uninsured rate free of charge. Owners may be charged for the cost of packaging and shipping of unusual or bulky items that do not fit in standard USPS Priority envelopes/boxes. Owners may also be charged for accelerated shipping options, insurance, or special handling.