If You’re All About the Food—You’ve Come to the Right Place!


Food, family and friends converge at breakfast, where you can relax and enjoy being served a freshly prepared breakfast personalized just for you.  Your typical breakfast includes:

  • Hot and Cold Beverage Selection—Your breakfast experience begins with quality hot and cold drinks. All coffee served at the inn has been locally roasted on demand, yielding the freshest coffee possible from our bottomless pots. For non-coffee drinkers, we may offer piping hot brewed tea, Grandma Rose’s hot apple cider, spiced orange wassail, Orange Julius, chilled juices, or milk.
  • Granola/Yogurt/Seasonal Fruit—Enjoy a fresh fruit and yogurt parfait topped with homemade granola or perhaps fresh seasonal fruits tossed with a divine orange-vanilla glaze. Each morning, Kim first selects fresh fruits from our gardens, then supplements them with local farmer’s market produce.
  • Gouda Cheese Samples—Whether it’s fresh curds, aged or infused with multiple flavors, you’re sure to taste the Dutch goodness of authentic Gouda cheese from Iowa’s only farmstead dairy, Frisian Farms (learn more at this link).  Kim’s summer platter of garden tomatoes and Gouda is hard to beat!
  • Hot & Hearty Entree—Perhaps a homemade quiche awaits you, or a hot-from-the-oven Dutch pancake or maybe our Florentine dried beef scramble (fresh eggs cooked with local dried beef, spinach and cheeses). These entrées are always served with delicately crispy bacon or hearty sausage patties.
  • Dutch Specialties—If you have saved room for sweets, we’ll offer a treat from our kitchen or local bakery. Niece Amy’s prize-winning Dutch almond banket recipe is the homemade version of Pella bakeries’ acclaimed Dutch letters, while the bakery’s Dutch apple bread, spekulaas cinnamon spice cookies or cherry drops are tasty alternatives…